There is a lot of misinformation out there about club soccer, so please take us as the source about our fees and not what others tell you. Costs vary by age but are all inclusive. The level of coaching, facility year round usage, club staff, development outlets, and overall experience are second to none at Pipeline. The tuition covers all 11 months  including but not limited too all club fees, tournaments, professional coaching, facility rental, referee costs, coaching education, goalkeeper training, coaches travel, carding, insurance, etc etc. Although Our high school teams do not begin play until October, all tournaments, facilities, leagues, travel, carding, insurance, plus much more is needed in the fall. The team will play from October - July with no payments after January 15th.

Pipeline also have need-based scholarship program HERE. For the club teams your son or daughter is trying out for, the total costs this year (2023-2024) are as follows/ and spread out throughout the season:

All initial Payments will be due by MAY 15TH. Tournaments, leagues, facilities, insurance begin collections June 1st. There will be penalties for late payments. 

Pipeline Baltimore Tuition

2016/2017- $1,850

2015-2014 - $2,650

2013-2012 - $2,850

2011-2005 EDP - $2,950

ECNL Regional League - $3,200 

Elite Club National League -$3,500

Pipeline North Tuition: 

2016/2017 - $1,200

2015-2012 - $2,000

2011-2005 - $2250

Pipeline Shore Tuition:

Shore Select Teams - $1600

Shore Club Teams - $800

Shore Recreation - $99


Pipeline Tuition Schedule :

May 15th - Initial Payment ($600)

June 15th - Payment # 1

July 15th - Payment # 2

August 15th - Payment # 3

September 15th - Payment # 4

October 15th - Payment # 5

November 15th - Payment # 6 

December 15th - Payment # 7

January 15th - FINAL PAYMENT Payment # 8


These fees include everything but the uniform. Uniforms are bought every 2 years. The difference in cost between age groups is due to cost differences among leagues, tournaments, referee fees, technology apps, and field use needs (11 v 11 teams use much more space than 7v7 teams). Each year, tuition may rise due to tournaments, leagues, and facility costs. Uniforms are Roughly $475-$550 depending on age and last for 2 full playing years. 

Why such a large range from the lowest to the highest fees?  While all of our teams are professionally coached by  licensed coaches, the oldest and highest level teams are often playing in tournaments all over the country as they are in the final stages of being recruited by collegiate programs. That increases costs for those teams.

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